Friday, 18 June 2010

The Playing Card Project - 52 Artists Bungle=Queen of Hearts

'For the approval of the discriminating artist and connoisseur of art, fifty-four separate and distinct art studies.

These are an example of modern art at it's finest and should prove invaluable in discussions, forums, etc'

The 'Playing Card Project', as it has come to be known (for want of a better name), is a non profit grass roots collaborative effort between more than 52 artists guided by Zeezee (UK), sgLoki (USA) and itinerant helpers.

The aim is to produce a 'family friendly' deck of Poker style playing cards where more than 52 artists produce one assigned card each, pool their resources to pay for the production and shipping of 1000 decks and, share the glory and spoils between themselves.

Zeezee and sgLoki have compiled a website dedicated to the project where you will find answers regarding this collaboration, it's history, processes, membership, schedule, forum and photo gallery-

As part of this collaborative project I've been assigned the Queen of Hearts card to design and my four week deadline clock has started. A big thank you to Zeezee and sgLoki for taking on this epic project.

Please look at their website to see the cards designed so far and check back for updates on designs and the artists involved.

This is the second deck of street art cards ever to be made and shipped globally so I'll keep you updated as things near completion- let get started :-)

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