Tuesday, 7 December 2010

BLOODHOUND SSC Speed Art Show-1000mph Car

I've been invited to take part in show in Bristol to celebrate land speed record holders- the show is called 'Speed'. This is a loose title as the organisers wanted artists to take the title and interpret 'Speed' in any way they wish. The media and size is flexible and up to the artists involved.

The art show is going to be held on the 10th and 11th of December and the aim is to raise money for the Bloodhound education programme, which is about to be established as charity. The education programme is all about enriching young people to get involved in education, through team building exercises and project work. The original artwork will be sold, giving the artist 50% and giving the education programme 50%. Then a selected few will be made into prints.

Bloodhound ssc is trying to break the land speed record, at 1000mph. As it stands the current land speed record is ThrustSSC which was driven by Andy Green on October 15, 1997 Black Rock Desert, USA at 760.343 mph (1223.65 km/h). Therefore the 1000mph is a lot higher than the last. 1000mph maybe the last land speed record in history as there is not enough land space to go faster (at the moment there is only a mile either end of the track). Andy Green and Richard Noble are driving the project and they both took part in Thrust2, and ThrustSSC. Sponsors are funding the project, such as Hampson, Intel, Royal Air force, Siemans and RIS.

The project has also been to inspire children to get involved in education through team building exercises. 

Keep your eye's pealed I'll be posting pictures from the night next week. For more info here's the link.. http://www.bloodhoundssc.com/

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