Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Morning All :-)

I realise a Blog update is long overdue- 

I never seem to find the time which is the worst excuse in the world, so here goes. Well I had a successful Upfest back at the beginning of June I had a great time on the Saturday, I painted next to Snik, Guy Denning and the Essex Rockerz so I was very happy to be alongside the “best of the best”. I painted this image at just over 2.5 metres wide probably the biggest and certainly the most detailed stencil to-date. I didn’t get to see some of the other guys painting so as usual had to look at snaps taken by the masses of keen photographers who were there. Props go out to MykGarton for an exceptional set of photos on his Flickr site.

I was also asked to paint an image of the Queen sat in the Upfest train- the most amazing live train paint job you’ve seen here's the timelapse video.


I’ve been asked to take some work to a gallery in Amsterdam (which I’ve now done) and I’ve been invited to a group show at the beginning of September. There’s also a new release scheduled for this month of one of my prints, commissioned through Epoch Gallery. 

So there’s plenty to do I’ll upload some pictures and more links & details very soon and if you want to keep updated please don’t forget to register on the website. www.thebungle.co.uk  Cheers!

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